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The year is full of events and celebrations.  Each one of them has its essence, its own way of communicating with the world, which is why at Agencia Chapa we create integrated campaigns using specific tactics adjusted to a marketing calendar that guarantees connection with the season, your brand and your target audience.


Your brand DNA must be clear in all aspects. Our brand building strategy, research, and competitive benchmarking help best define the cross-cutting components your brand needs for success.


Brands need to talk, to tell that they exist, that they are alive and that they have something to offer. Today communication is no longer just in one direction, it is bidirectional. It is necessary to create bonds, emotions and experiences with the audience. Entertain, inform, educate and build loyalty. At Agencia Chapa we help brands engage with the audience and turn them into potential customers.


Corporate events and activations are the most appropriate way for your brand to manifest itself directly with your audience. We develop the communication strategy, the actions and the implementation so that your audience gets involved with your brand in a much more sensory way.